50 Disney Days

  • Disney Day 50
    YAY!! I finally made it to Disney Day 50. After multiple plans that had to be revised due to Covid, the final plan had Disney Day 50 landing on Sept 27, the last day of my 50th year. I started my day as any good Disney day should start.. with Mickey (and Minnie) waffles. ThenContinue reading “Disney Day 50”
  • Disney Day 49
    I started off this morning by meeting a local friend for breakfast at Topolino’s. I have done the breakfast there twice before and I love it. Love seeing the characters in their special outfits and the food is great. I really love the quiche from past visits but I decided to try the steak overContinue reading “Disney Day 49”
  • Disney Day 48
    A late night at the Boo Bash led to a leisurely morning. I slept in a bit, then grabbed breakfast and headed to the Magic Kingdom. I took some pictures of the entrance that was already decorated for the 50th anniversary. It was hot and it was pretty busy. Chris was joining me later soContinue reading “Disney Day 48”
  • Disney Day 47
    I was up and out to Animal Kingdom in the morning. First order of business was to find the statues for the 50th anniversary. I did the safari and then decided to see Festival of the Lion King. The show had been changed a bit since re-opening and I didn’t get to see it myContinue reading “Disney Day 47”
  • Disney Day 46
    After almost 15 years of marriage and several trips to Disney together, I finally came up with a trip plan that worked for both Chris and myself. I like to get up and go. Chris likes to sleep in (like really “in”). So before we left, I said “I will get up and go whenContinue reading “Disney Day 46”

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