50 Disney Days

  • Disney Day #23
    Animal Kingdom had extended hours this day so it was open from 8 am to 6 pm. I was out at the bus stop at 7 am. It was still dark which made it feel like a RunDisney morning! The bus arrived shortly and there was only myself and another couple. Getting a scooter wasContinue reading “Disney Day #23”
  • Disney Day #22
    I arrived at the Magic Kingdom at the park opening. Easy and smooth entry and then I headed right to the scooter rental area. I have never rented an electric scooter before and the cast member was great about explaining everything to me. It was actually pretty easy. It was such a life saver. IContinue reading “Disney Day #22”
  • Disney Day #21
    The moral of the story for this day is that I shouldn’t have been stubborn and rented a scooter as soon as I arrived at Hollywood Studios, as my knee was not doing well at all. I thought about it and even started to walk that way when I entered the park but then IContinue reading “Disney Day #21”
  • Disney Day #20
    I am happy to start reporting on actual at Disney “Disney Days!” (As video editing has become a new hobby since being home for the pandemic, with the exception of hotel pictures, all of my other pictures are park of the video at the bottom.) This day started out leaving Universal Orlando and moving overContinue reading “Disney Day #20”
  • Disney Day #19
    The day finally arrived that was the start of this whole project – my 50th birthday. Due to a scheduling issue and some unexpected surprises, this Disney Day is actually two days in one. My original plan was to get a tattoo on my birthday. I went to the tattoo place early in the summerContinue reading “Disney Day #19”

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