50 Disney Days

  • Disney Day #19
    The day finally arrived that was the start of this whole project – my 50th birthday. Due to a scheduling issue and some unexpected surprises, this Disney Day is actually two days in one. My original plan was to get a tattoo on my birthday. I went to the tattoo place early in the summerContinue reading “Disney Day #19”
  • 50 Disney Days Project During a Pandemic
    I have been wanting to do a bit of an update on my project and today is the day. So obviously, the goal of this project was to celebrate my 50th birthday by having “50 Disney Days” throughout 2020. And I was off to a great start. I had Disney on Ice in January andContinue reading “50 Disney Days Project During a Pandemic”
  • Disney Day #18
    We are still under “stay at home” orders in NY so last week I decided to make today a Disney Day and celebrate Star Wars day. We pulled out the light saber we made in Galaxy’s Edge to take some pictures. It really makes some cool sounds as you move it around. My cats wereContinue reading “Disney Day #18”
  • Disney Day #17
    This may seem out of order but I wrote about day #16 out of order because I had gone to see Onward while I was in the middle of my trip report. Day #17 actually happened a little over a month ago. I was in the middle of writing up by trip days so IContinue reading “Disney Day #17”
  • Disney Day #15
    It was our last morning. We had an flight around noon which meant a Magical Express pick up time of around 9 am. Originally, I wasn’t going to even count this day as a Disney day as we would just be getting up and leaving. My sisters had an earlier flight so there was noContinue reading “Disney Day #15”

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