50 Disney Days

  • Disney Days 28 – 31: The Dopey Challenge
    I started training for this race series in November and it was finally time to get it done. As with Princess, this would have happened live in Walt Disney World but due to Covid, it was virtual. Different from Princess, I was not signed up to do this live in the first place. Disney requiresContinue reading “Disney Days 28 – 31: The Dopey Challenge”
  • Disney Days 25, 26 & 27
    I am a big fan of the runDisney races and was registered to do all 3 races in February for the Princess weekend. Of course, due to to Covid, those events went virtual. The January race events also went virtual. I was not signed up for them but you were able to register for themContinue reading “Disney Days 25, 26 & 27”
  • Disney Day #24
    While I do have some Disney travel happening in the near future, including plans for my 50th Disney day in September, I still have some days to fill in with non vacation Disney experiences. While we were all home last year, I discovered some virtual tours by Tim Dolan the owner of Broadway Up Close.Continue reading “Disney Day #24”
  • Disney Day #23
    Animal Kingdom had extended hours this day so it was open from 8 am to 6 pm. I was out at the bus stop at 7 am. It was still dark which made it feel like a RunDisney morning! The bus arrived shortly and there was only myself and another couple. Getting a scooter wasContinue reading “Disney Day #23”
  • Disney Day #22
    I arrived at the Magic Kingdom at the park opening. Easy and smooth entry and then I headed right to the scooter rental area. I have never rented an electric scooter before and the cast member was great about explaining everything to me. It was actually pretty easy. It was such a life saver. IContinue reading “Disney Day #22”

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