50 Disney Days

  • Disney Day 41 – Disney in a Day
    My original plan for my 50 Disney Days included a lot of variety – Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and some other ideas in a few different locations. Of course, Covid cancelled all of those plans so I had to revamp. Walt Disney World became really the only option for “in park” experiences andContinue reading “Disney Day 41 – Disney in a Day”
  • Disney Day 40
    I had an evening flight so I could get in a good part of the day at Hollywood Studios. I was able to get into a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance at 7 am this morning. Whether I would be able to ride would be a question depending on the timing of theContinue reading “Disney Day 40”
  • Disney Day 39
    This was my last full day on the trip so I was spending the full day at the Magic Kingdom. I had a quick breakfast at the hotel before grabbing the bus to the park. This morning I was doing a somewhat new experience called “Capture Your Moment.” The experience is 20 minutes with aContinue reading “Disney Day 39”
  • Disney Day 38
    My initial plans for this day were to go to Animal Kingdom. Then about two weeks ahead of my trip, Disney Cruise Line announced the booking dates for the Disney Wish. I had a few clients who had their booking date fall on this day. I had another agent covering for me who would helpContinue reading “Disney Day 38”
  • Disney Day 37
    Today my plans were at Epcot which only opened at 11 am. That gave me plenty of time in the morning so I decided to mobile order breakfast from Primo Piatto at the Riviera resort. I ordered from my room and then took a walk over. The beach area was looking lovely this morning. IContinue reading “Disney Day 37”

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