Disney Day #1

Today was the day that I finally got to begin my Disney days!

I took my niece to see Disney on Ice today. It was her Christmas gift and was a great way to start my year of Disney Days.

I splurged on the seats. I figured this was probably the only time I would see Disney on Ice and it was for her Christmas gift…. so we sat “Rinkside.” It was great. Nothing in front of us and a clear view of the entire rink. The only drawback was that we were in the middle of the rink and they focused the “center” of the action towards one end. So some of the ending positions had the characters’ backs to us. But that was a minimal issue.

The view from our seats.
Pre-show selfie

This version of Disney on Ice was called “Dream Big.” Mickey and Minnie were the hosts and introduced each segment that told a different story from popular Disney movies. To me, the theme of “dream big” was really light and it really didn’t matter. Each of the character segments included songs from that movie and, of course, skating around to the song. The music and singing were all pre-recorded and the skaters lip synced.

One thing that was surprising was the use of fire on the ice. An ensemble character during the scene would spray a fuel of some kind of the ice and there would briefly be fire on the ice. The coolest time this effect was used was for the dragon in Sleeping Beauty.

The running time for the whole show was about an hour and 45 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission. It was a good length for me, but the young people were getting restless before the intermission.

It was interesting to feel the young audience members perk up when more recent movies, like Moana or Coco, were on the ice. Frozen was by far the most engaging for the audience. It was the last movie to be depicted and it was the longest segment but it was also the most engaging for the audience. There was a lot of singing along!

Let it go – and yes, it’s snowing

This was absolutely a great way to start my 50 Disney Days journey. The whole show started with Mickey and Minnie coming out while “When You Wish Upon a Star” was playing… and I had all the emotions! 🙂

See you real soon!

Published by Disney Christine

I grew up with a love for all things Disney. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, with Disney Cruise Line and with Adventures by Disney. Visiting all the world wide parks is on my bucket list!

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