Disney Day #17

This may seem out of order but I wrote about day #16 out of order because I had gone to see Onward while I was in the middle of my trip report.

Day #17 actually happened a little over a month ago. I was in the middle of writing up by trip days so I waited to write this one up until now.

This Disney day was “Disney at Home” on the first weekend that we had to officially lockdown here in NY. I hadn’t really planned it out so I had to improvise with what I had available at home.

Started off with my Stitch lounge pants… which is actually how many days at home start!

Next was breakfast. I decided to try to make Mickey pancakes with the Golden Malt mix. Getting them in the pan wasn’t hard. Flipping it was the challenge. One ear came loose but I just pushed it back together.

I have been working my way through the Disney animation library in release order since Disney+ became available. Today was the perfect day to watch some movies. Up next on my list was Alice in Wonderland.

After the movie, I returned to the kitchen to make a cookie dough. The dough needed to chill before I can use it, so I got that started now. Mickey cookies were coming later!

I then started working on going through some prints and my pins. I had some prints that I had wanted to frame so I pulled them out to take some measurements and order frames. The long one with all the characters I purchased in Walt Disney World. The Mickey prints were free for Disney VISA card holders when I went to the Mickey Exhibit in NYC.

It actually has taken me so long to write this blog that I can actually show you what these now look like in their frames.

I also had a new pin board that I hadn’t opened up yet. So I organized my pins. I really like the full Mickey shape but I found out that it isn’t so easy to use the space well. Right now it is only has RunDisney pins, but that will change as my first board is almost full.

The dough was now ready to roll out. I love this Mickey cookie cutter. For my wedding (which was Disney themed, of course), I used this cookie cutter to make my wedding favors. I made all the cookies and then my sisters and Mom decorated them to be a bride and groom. They came out super cute. Today, I just went with a chocolate drizzle.

Then it was time for some more movies. Watched the next two on my list.

No Disney themed dinner. I wasn’t able to pull that together with no pre-planning.

After dinner though, Chris made a Disney Cruise inspired cocktail. We had done a tequila tasting on a Disney Cruise. The last drink in the tasting was a coffee flavored tequila and they put whipped cream on top. We have modified it by adding heavy cream and mixing it together.

We relaxed with our cocktails and decided to try Phineas and Ferb. I had heard good things from the ladies on my Disney Cruise. We watched about six episodes. Very cute!

All in all, considering that I didn’t plan for this day in advance, it was a pretty good Disney day!

Published by Disney Christine

I grew up with a love for all things Disney. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, with Disney Cruise Line and with Adventures by Disney. Visiting all the world wide parks is on my bucket list!

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