50 Disney Days Project During a Pandemic

I have been wanting to do a bit of an update on my project and today is the day.

So obviously, the goal of this project was to celebrate my 50th birthday by having “50 Disney Days” throughout 2020. And I was off to a great start. I had Disney on Ice in January and then had an amazing trip in Walt Disney World and on a Disney Cruise in late February / early March. I am so thankful that I got that trip in with no challenges because it wasn’t long after returning home that everything shut down due to COVID.

My husband and I have been very fortunate. Neither of us have been sick. None of our families have been sick. My husband is able to work from home. I am teaching from home. My second career as a travel agent has been challenging and has caused a lack of income but we are fortunate that it is not a primary income source for us.

So the challenge of what do with my 50 Disney Days project is a first world problem to say the least.

I knew that I would not be able to do all 50 days on a Disney vacation so I had already worked in some Disney Days at home. And I have done a few that weren’t planned already while we have been at home due to the virus. But there are only so many ways to have a Disney Day at home.

I currently have three Disney trips still booked for 2020. Will they happen? Don’t know yet. The COVID situation is so fluid that it is a “wait and see” scenario. If they happen, great. If they don’t, I will plan for the future.

The beauty of this project is that is my own. So I make the rules. At the end of it all, there will be 50 Disney Days. They just probably won’t all happen in 2020. I will just have to keep my 50th birthday celebration going into 2021…. and that sounds good to me.

I still have lots of Disney in my days. Let’s face it, half my wardrobe has something Disney on it. And I may have just a few Disney items around the house. I am still working my way through the Disney animated movies on Disney+ (next up is Jungle Book). I have really enjoyed watching social media posts from Shanghai Disney as well as Disney Springs. I will be definitely be watching in July as Walt Disney World starts to open.

So with 18 Disney Days completed, I look forward to resuming my official Disney days as soon as I can.

Published by Disney Christine

I grew up with a love for all things Disney. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, with Disney Cruise Line and with Adventures by Disney. Visiting all the world wide parks is on my bucket list!

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