Disney Day #19

The day finally arrived that was the start of this whole project – my 50th birthday. Due to a scheduling issue and some unexpected surprises, this Disney Day is actually two days in one.

My original plan was to get a tattoo on my birthday. I went to the tattoo place early in the summer to meet with the artist. I really liked her and wanted to move forward but unfortunately she doesn’t work on Mondays, which is where my birthday fell this year. I didn’t want to switch to someone else so I decided to go ahead and get the tattoo the day before my actual birthday.

So this Disney Day starts on September 27 with me heading to my tattoo appointment at noon. This is the photo that I went with as a model for the design.

I wanted the Mickey balloon only and I wanted the word “dream” instead of a name. I also wanted the word to be in a different font. Nasa, my tattoo artist, was awesome. She had me air drop the photo to her Ipad and then she searched for a Mickey balloon graphic. We quickly found one that was perfect and then we started looking for fonts. There were so many to choose from but we found one and she was then off to use everything to put it together. This was the final result:

It is perfect and exactly what I wanted. I really wasn’t concerned about pain and it wasn’t an issue at all. It stung a little for the lettering. The filling in for the balloon wasn’t anything at all.

I thought the rest of the day would just be relaxing at home. I definitely did not expect to arrive home to a surprise party with my family. It was all Mickey themed, of course. I didn’t take many pictures but I did get a picture of these awesome cookies.

The surprises continued as my husband had set up a surprise zoom call with bunch of my friends. It was nice to “see” everyone and I was happy that my friends took some time from their Sunday to come on and wish me a Happy Birthday.

That was definitely a great day of celebrating. The next day was my actual birthday.

I started out by going out to Starbucks to get my free birthday drink. Then I curled up on the sofa and got ready for another viewing of my favorite musical:

In the afternoon, a friend came over for a bit – outside and socially distant, of course. We enjoyed a beer and chatted for a few hours.

In the evening, we ordered dinner and then watched the new Mulan.

I enjoyed it. Not sure it was worth $30, but it was a good movie. I love the little nod to the original by snippets of the original songs from the animated movie showing up in the score and lyrics also added to the dialogue. It would definitely have benefited from being viewed on the big screen.

It was a great two day celebration – from a party to a low key movie night. I will still be celebrating with the rest of my Disney days into 2021. I have a plan on how and where I want to hit Day #50.. but at this point, I am keeping my plans to myself because who knows what will happen!

Published by Disney Christine

I grew up with a love for all things Disney. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, with Disney Cruise Line and with Adventures by Disney. Visiting all the world wide parks is on my bucket list!

2 thoughts on “Disney Day #19

  1. Happy 50th!! It was so nice to see you on your surprise party day!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Disney days have been so much fun and I canโ€™t wait to see you finishing up days!


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