Disney Day #20

I am happy to start reporting on actual at Disney “Disney Days!”

(As video editing has become a new hobby since being home for the pandemic, with the exception of hotel pictures, all of my other pictures are park of the video at the bottom.)

This day started out leaving Universal Orlando and moving over to Caribbean Beach for 4 nights.

I arrived at Caribbean Beach around 10 am. I had completed online check in and had received a text around 9:30 am that my room was not ready yet.    No worries.  I dropped my bags at bell services and made my way outside to go to the Skyliner to get to Epcot.

The line looked huge but there was nothing to do but get on it!   At one point, there was a cast member directing guests to different lines based on if you were going to Hollywood Studios or Epcot.   It took only 17 minutes to get on and the line moved constantly so really not bad at all.

This wasn’t my first time on the Skyliner but I fell in love with even more on this trip.   So easy and convenient.  And because of COVID, each party gets their own gondola.

Epcot’s hours were 11 – 7 and I arrived about 10:45 at the International Gateway Entrance.  They were already allowing entry, so a quick temperature check and I was in.

I walked through the World Showcase area and went directly to The Land.   I walked on to Soaring and Living with the Land.  

When I came out, I came across one of the modified character experiences.  Winnie the Pooh was out with his butterfly net but decided to use it as a cane and do a little soft shoe.  How cute is that??

My next stop was The Seas with Nemo attraction which leads into the Seas pavilion.   Again, it was a walk on.  To me, the ride is ok, but I see it as a gateway to get to the aquarium.  I walked around the aquarium a bit and headed out. 

I saw a photo pass photographer with no one waiting so I had a quick photo shoot.  My goal was a picture in front of the main icon of each park and as many Magic shots as I could get.   This accomplished both.

I moved on and walked onto Spaceship Earth. 

After that attraction, my plan was to finally enjoy the Food and Wine festival.  While I love the concept of eating and drinking around the World Showcase, any time I have been there it is too crowded to enjoy it.   So with the low crowds, I was hoping to finally enjoy it – which I did!

  In total, I enjoyed Corned Beef Nachos, Tortellini with Vodka sauce, a street corn funnel cake, gourmet mac and cheese, a Twix cake pop and a Frozen Smores cocktail with whipped cream flavored vodka.   Of everything I tried, the mac and cheese was my favorite.

  I did mix in some attractions between food tastings.   I got on line for Frozen which had a 40 minute posted wait time.   I was on the ride in 28 minutes.   I also got to see the full queue for the first time since I have only done the ride with a Fastpass previously.   I loved the little visit from Oaken.  I also did the Beauty and the Beast sing a long.   It was ok.. the Frozen one at Hollywood Studios is better.

  I also caught a Mickey and Friends cavalcade.  It was so cute.  Always makes my heart so happy to see Mickey!

  It was 5 pm when I had finished one trip around the whole park.   The wait times were basically walk ons and there was 2 hours left at the park.   But unfortunately, all the walking had amounted to 7 miles and my poor knee was done.

  I called it a day and took the Skyliner back to Caribbean Beach.   I had received a text message at around 3:30 that my room was ready.   So when I got off the Skyliner, I was able to go directly to my room.  

  I had a standard room with a King size bed.   It was pretty typical for a moderate resort.  These rooms have not been updated and they could use it.   I chose Caribbean Beach for this trip for the convenience of the Skyliner not really for the resort itself so I wasn’t disappointed.   

  I did mobile order from the food court for dinner so I walked up to get my food and then ate in the room.   I got a smoked turkey sandwich and fries.  The sandwich was very good.  I actually ended up saving half and it also stayed well in the fridge.

   Here is a video summary of the whole day:

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