Disney Day #21

The moral of the story for this day is that I shouldn’t have been stubborn and rented a scooter as soon as I arrived at Hollywood Studios, as my knee was not doing well at all. I thought about it and even started to walk that way when I entered the park but then I thought I could make it through as Studios is a smaller park. I ended up not being able to last the full day and missing out on Rise of the Resistance… but lesson learned.

So I did start the day by getting on the Skyliner around 8:30 to head to Studios. It has just recently changed, but at the time you needed to be inside the park at 10 am to have a chance to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance.

I was in the gates by 9:10 am and went to Starbucks for some breakfast. It was not crowded and with the social distancing procedures it was less chaotic then usual.

I found a cool place in the shade to have my breakfast and wait for 10 am. You have to be quick and jump on the “join” button right at 10 am. I did and secured boarding group 56. So it would be awhile before it was my turn to ride.

I went to Toy Story land. The posted wait time for Toy Story Mania was 30 minutes but it was just walking the queue and you were on. I saw a photo pass photographer and took some Toy Story pictures, including a magic shot.

Then I went over to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The wait time for Smuggler’s Run was 45 minutes. Again, the line moved along and I have never seen the queue because I have used a Fastpass in the past. Because of social distancing, I was the pilot all by myself.

I did some photos in Batuu as well. I knew the spot where they take the magic shot with “the child” from the Mandalorian. There was no photographer there when I walked through the first time, but he was out when I finished Smuggler’s Run.

I had been checking the boarding group status and it was stuck at group 18 for awhile which meant the ride was down.

My knee was really unhappy by this point. I placed a mobile order from PizzeRizzo and made my way over there. It was hot so I had the outdoor seating area almost to myself. Disney pizza isn’t the best but I went there for the pumpkin cannoli and it did not disappoint. They also had a frozen apple cider which was perfect for a hot day.

I took my time sitting at lunch. I had brought an instant ice pack with me so I was icing my knee while I sat. I did not want to leave without riding Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad as it was new since my last visit. The wait time had been posted at about an hour all day. I decided that I would do that and then decide if I would stay for my boarding group or call it a day.

The wait time ended up to be about the 60 minute posted wait. The line did constantly move except for one point when a cast member came around and announced that the ride was paused for a 10 minute cleaning cycle.

The ride was so awesome! It was so much more than I expected and I can’t wait to ride it again.

Standing for a 60 minute line did not help my knee though. I checked the boarding group status and I still had at least an hour to go. I decided that I would call it a day. If I had never done Rise of the Resistance before, I would have toughed it out.

Again, the Skyliner could not have been more convenient. Even hobbling along, it only took 35 minutes from leaving Studios to get to my room. I iced my knee for the rest of the evening and just ordered standard chicken fingers and fries from the food court for dinner.

Here is the video from my day:

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