Disney Day #23

Animal Kingdom had extended hours this day so it was open from 8 am to 6 pm. I was out at the bus stop at 7 am. It was still dark which made it feel like a RunDisney morning!

The bus arrived shortly and there was only myself and another couple. Getting a scooter was a no brainer. I had my scooter and was enjoying Starbucks inside the park by 7:45 am.

The weather was perfect and it was so quiet. I had looked up where I could take the scooter and was happy to see that I could take it through most queues and the animal trails.

A little after 8 am, I went to Kilimanjaro Safari. The only wait was to go through the queue and a slight wait for a vehicle to come to the loading area for guests using scooters or wheelchairs. It was breakfast time and it was cool which made for some great animal sightings. I did notice that the giraffes and zebras were not out yet. When I was done with the ride, I did the animal trail that is right near the safari and saw the zebras having their breakfast in an area that you cannot see on the ride.

I did the second animal trail and had a great experience with a tiger. So often, they are sleeping and you can just about see them in the exhibit. The tiger today was walking back and forth in front of the windows. The cast member said he likes to see people and would often run to the windows if he saw a keeper come by when the park was closed because he missed seeing people at the windows. I watched him for a while. So cool to see a tiger so close.

I did the bird show next. This show had just recently been revamped to include characters from Up but right now those characters are not included. Honestly, I hope they don’t add them back in. The show is exactly what it needs to be… just about the birds.

After the birds, I took the train to Rafiki’s Conservation Station. There is a little area with goats and sheep that you can usually pet but right now you cannot enter inside with them due to Covid. There are also some display areas with reptiles and a viewing area for a vet treatment room. They were performing a wellness exam on a bird when I was there so I watched for a little bit.

Then it was time for the next Animation Experience presentation. This “show” is interactive as you have a clipboard and paper and a Disney animator teaches you how to draw a character. They now put guidelines on the paper which is helpful and speeds up the process. For my session, we drew Crush and Squirt.

My next stop after taking the train back to the main area of the park was It’s Tough to be a Bug. Again, no wait. Just the time it took to go through the queue.

I had started to notice the battery level on the scooter was going down. There is a battery indicator on the scooter that has red, yellow and green lights. The previous day at the Magic Kingdom, it never went below green. At this point, it was half way through yellow. I decided that I should go to the front and let the cast member know it needs to be charged. It was a good thing that I decided when I did. By the time I made it to the rental area, the battery was flashing red. I just said the battery was dying and they switched me to a different scooter that was fully charged.

I went into Pandora just to have lunch. I would have had to walk the queues for both of those rides. The wait was posted at about 30 minutes for each. It was probably less but I wasn’t up for walking.

I did a mobile order and it was ready in about five minutes. I had been wanting to try the hamburger pods for a while. In the end they were just ok but I am glad I tried them.

I went back to do the safari a second time. This time I saw the giraffe and zebras out and active. The lions were sleeping and hard to see. Tip: Do the safari at different times because it will be a different experience.

There was about an hour left for the park hours. I started to head out and saw that the Dawa bar was quiet. I decided to sit and have a “I don’t want to go home” beer before I left.

The weather was perfect and it was a great ending to my trip.

Here is a video summary of the day:

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