Disney Days 28 – 31: The Dopey Challenge

I started training for this race series in November and it was finally time to get it done. As with Princess, this would have happened live in Walt Disney World but due to Covid, it was virtual. Different from Princess, I was not signed up to do this live in the first place. Disney requires a minimum pace that is a struggle for me to accomplish for a full marathon. So when this race series went virtual, meaning I could do it on my own and at my own pace, I decided it was a perfect opportunity. Other people may have a different opinion, but to me, the miles are still the miles so accomplishing this challenge virtually makes it no less of an accomplishment to me.

Disney Day 28 – First up was the 5K. The theme is always Pluto and the medal is super cute.

For meals during Dopey, I decided to go with Walt Disney World inspired meals. This night, I went with dinner inspired by Ohana at the Polynesian resort. The internet is full of “copycat” recipes to help recreate Disney meals. I marinated the beef starting the day before and then made noodles with a glaze similar to the ones at Ohana.

I also made a Lapu Lapu which is the cocktail from the lounge at Ohana. It is served there in a hollowed out pineapple. I skipped that part. It was good but it was STRONG!

In the afternoon, I made a batch of Mickey shaped cookies to have each day. The miles were only going to get longer so it was nice to have a dessert all set for each evening. I usually made a little ice cream sundae with my cookie each night.

Disney Day 29 – This was the day of the 10K. This race was usually Minnie themed but a few years ago it switched to Oswald. Now I love Oswald… but I think it was an odd change and think it should have stayed Minnie. But the medal is still really cute.

For dinner this night, I made Tonga Toast from the Kona Cafe also at the Polynesian Resort. Tonga Toast is banana stuffed French toast coated with cinnamon sugar. It wasn’t as difficult to make as I would have thought and was the favorite of the meals I made for this week.

Disney Day 30 – Getting to the big ones now.. This was half marathon day. All went well and I was still feeling good went I finished. Donald is the theme for the half and on this one, Daisy joins in as well.

For dinner, I replicated Tot-chos which is a favorite of mine from Woody’s Lunchbox in Hollywood Studios. I made chili in the Instant Pot which was really easy. Then to assemble, it was a layer of Fritos, then tater tots (already cooked), then chili, then cheese and a dollop of sour cream on top. Were they really good? Yes, they were. Did they end up being a good pre night meal before a marathon? Not really. They were heavy and my stomach wasn’t thrilled as soon as I was finished. I actually didn’t finish them all – and I don’t like to ever leave tater tots behind! My stomach was still a little unhappy in the morning but thankfully not too bad.

Disney Day 31 – This was it! The big one! A full marathon!

About six weeks before this I started thinking about how to handle this distance mentally. I always train alone and I am used to doing many miles in various loops around my house. But in a live event, I count on getting some energy from people cheering and just being on a different course than my training route. I wasn’t going to have that for this one. So I decided to enlist some helpers. I typically do 6 mile loops around my house. I was able to get some friends to join me. I started out and did 6 miles by myself. Then my friend Maryann joined me for 4 miles. I did the next 2 miles alone and then was back at my house to pick up my husband who joined me for the next 6 miles. We finished up back at my house and then my friend Karen joined me for 6 miles. I was going to finish the last 2.2 miles alone but Karen was feeling good so she joined me for those as well. Mentally it was just what I needed. It worked out perfectly and while of course I was tired physically, having all the company made the mental aspect so much easier.

The marathon theme is Mickey. This marathon medal is actually a spinner. The middle section spins and Minnie is on the other side.

Dopey is like a bobble head. He is on a little spring.

So there was no way I was cooking anything for dinner. We ordered Blaze pizza which as a Disney connection as there is one located at Disney Springs. (Sorry no picture.. I forgot.) We also had an amazing charcuterie board with a Disney theme. I love a local woman who makes charcuterie boards so explained what I was doing and asked if she would make a custom one for me. She did a great job! Maryann came back over and we enjoyed this… with some wine of course.

So the Dopey Challenge was done! 4 days. 48.6 miles. I really have to say that I felt good all the way through. I was pretty sore the day after but I am writing this on the second day after and I am almost back to normal.

Here are all the medals. There are six total. The 5K, the 10K, the half marathon, the full marathon, the Goofy medal (for doing the half and the full marathon) and the Dopey medal for doing all 4 races.

What would anyone do after completing the virtual Dopey challenge? I am going to Disney World!! Yes, in 4 days, I am heading to Walt Disney World to celebrate!

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I grew up with a love for all things Disney. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, with Disney Cruise Line and with Adventures by Disney. Visiting all the world wide parks is on my bucket list!

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