Disney Day 33

Since I had an early night, I woke up to the news that Disney had changed its masks requirements. Masks were now optional when you were outside. Masks were still required for any indoor location, attraction and queue, even if the attraction / queue were outside. Going down for this trip, my expectation was that I would be wearing masks all the time (like my October trip), so this was a nice surprise.

I did a mobile order for my breakfast from the counter service location at Grand Floridian. Mobile order had started to become an option in some spots prior to Covid but it is currently the only way to order from counter service restaurants. I really like it. I would place my order from my room and by the time I walked to the restaurant, it would be ready to pick up.

I had a breakfast sandwich with tater tots and an iced mocha to get the day started.

My mission for the day was to visit all 4 parks. This trip was a good opportunity as no one would want to do this with me! What made it a little more challenging was that you cannot park hop until after 2 pm. Buses start to run to the other parks around 1: 30 pm.

My criteria for this day was that in each park I needed to do at least one attraction, have something to eat and take a photo with the park icon.

I started off my day at Animal Kingdom. With the change in mask requirements, there were new signs at the park entrance and cast members with microphones announcing the new guidelines.

I had a good chunk of my day in this park so I did several attractions. I rode the Navi River Journey in Pandora, the safari and the bird show. I also walked the Gorilla Exploration path.

Just like taking a castle photo every trip, I always have to take some animal photos in this park. The giraffes were very active on my safari and walking around the path of the vehicles which lead to some great pictures.

For my food item in Animal Kingdom, I went to Nomad Lounge. This has been on my “to do” list for awhile. I was close once but it is very popular so it can be challenging to get in. There is a virtual wait list available now but it fills up quickly. It opened at 11 am and I arrived around 11:15. I wanted to sit outside but it was already full. My only choice was to sit at the bar.

There were so many drinks I would have liked to try but for today I went with the Leaping Lizard. I also ordered the beef sliders with Yucca fries.

I made my way back to the main area for my selfie with the park icon and then out to the buses for my next park.

Park # 1 – Done!

The Magic Kingdom was going to be park #2. This transportation transition was the slowest of the day. With park hopping starting at 2 pm, the lines for the buses were fairly full when I got to the bus stop around 1:45 pm. The buses have limited capacity and didn’t seem to be as frequent as my trip in October. I waited about 20 minutes but luckily I was far enough ahead in the line that I got on the first one that came and I was off to the Magic Kingdom.

I knew I would have a lot of park time in the Magic Kingdom throughout this trip so I was going to make this a short stop and just do one attraction and snack.

It’s a Small World is my favorite ride and had a posted wait of 20 minutes so that worked for me. On the way, I took my selfie with the castle.

I decided to get one of my favorites as my snack – the Kakamora from Aloha Isle. I mobile ordered when I came out of Small World and still had to wait about 10 minutes once I got there. It was so good… though really messy this time as it was hot out and melting as soon as I picked it up.

That finished up the Magic Kingdom so I was off to Hollywood Studios as my next park. The bus come right away so no lag in transportation time.

I really love the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad attraction so when it was a 35 min wait that sounded like a plan. The posted waits are almost never as long as they say and I was on in about 25 minutes. Toy Story Mania was only 20 minutes so I did that as well.

I needed a little more than a snack at this point so I mobile ordered from Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land. I really love the totchos there but I wanted to try the grilled cheese. I did enjoy the grilled cheese but the seating area for Woody’s is small and the best I could do was a standing table. I really needed a seated break so I ended up eating quick and moving on so I don’t feel like I enjoyed the grilled cheese as much as I could have. I will have to try it again another time.

With plenty of time to spare, I was off to my final park. This transportation transition was easy with the Skyliner.

You use the International Gateway entrance when you take the Skyliner to Epcot. There was no way that I was going to deal with the busy Flower and Garden food booths on a Saturday night in World Showcase. So my plan was to walk towards Future World and hopefully find a quiet food booth on the way.

It worked out as the Honey booth had only a few people on line. I got a Honey Mascarpone cheesecake and Corn Spoon bread that was drizzled with honey. Both were very good.

Figment was a walk on as was Spaceship Earth so I did those two attractions and took my photo.

This was my first time seeing the new entrance plaza area. It was a great time of day to get a few pictures.

Mission accomplished! It took about 12 hours from start to finish and I walked about 8 miles in total. I really didn’t walk more than necessary so that was actually less mileage than I had expected.

So 4 parks in one day is done!

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I grew up with a love for all things Disney. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, with Disney Cruise Line and with Adventures by Disney. Visiting all the world wide parks is on my bucket list!

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