Disney Day 41 – Disney in a Day

My original plan for my 50 Disney Days included a lot of variety – Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and some other ideas in a few different locations. Of course, Covid cancelled all of those plans so I had to revamp. Walt Disney World became really the only option for “in park” experiences andContinue reading “Disney Day 41 – Disney in a Day”

Disney Day 35

This morning it was time to say goodbye to the Grand Floridian and switch over to Caribbean Beach. Disney makes switching hotels fairly easy. You bring your bags to Bell Services and they will transport them over to the new hotel for you. They don’t arrive at the new hotel until late in the afternoonContinue reading “Disney Day 35”

Disney Day 33

Since I had an early night, I woke up to the news that Disney had changed its masks requirements. Masks were now optional when you were outside. Masks were still required for any indoor location, attraction and queue, even if the attraction / queue were outside. Going down for this trip, my expectation was thatContinue reading “Disney Day 33”

Disney Day 32

As planned, with the Princess and Dopey challenge completed, it was time to go to Walt Disney World to celebrate. This would be a solo trip with some meeting up with friends at different points. I had an early flight down to Orlando which was thankfully uneventful. I had arranged a town car pick upContinue reading “Disney Day 32”