Disney Day #6

This was the big race morning. Time for the Princess Half Marathon!

The half marathon has an earlier bus time (3 am) so we were up at about 2:15 am to get on the first bus.

I will spend a little more time talking about this race than I have the other races.

There is a 16 min per mile pace requirement. The time starts when the last person crosses the start line. The last people to start are the “balloon ladies.” They keep a 16 min pace and if they pass you, then you are behind the pace and will get swept at the next sweep point. This means that you are removed from the course and taken to the finish area and you are marked as DNF – did not finish.

Unfortunately, I am familiar with the sweeping process as I have experienced it twice. But I have also finished two half marathons at Disney (and other 5Ks and 10Ks) so there is life after getting swept.

Going into this race, I knew I had a bit of a cushion because I starting in corral F and there were two corrals of runners behind me. So I would have at least 20 minutes from when I started until the balloon ladies started.

I had done all my training to the letter and my legs felt great when we got up (I think not doing the parks was a big factor in feeling good).

I also had a plan. I use a run / walk method for all of my races, meaning I run part of the time and walk part of the time at set intervals. I have a device that I clip to my watch and that vibrates telling me when it’s time to do each one. My plan was to use my “race intervals” until mile 6. Then I can add some time to my walk interval until I get to mile 10. Then I can walk the remaining three miles.

Donna, Pam, myself and some other friends waited for the race to start together in the corral but we had already decided that we would run our own races and meet up at the end. I train alone and I like to just keep my own pace. I had also decided that I would put my headphones in and just settle in as if this was a training run with support. I think this mindset was another thing that helped me that day.

The temperature was pretty perfect for running… around 50 degrees. But it was humid. I have to run with my glasses on (I can’t wear contacts anymore) so it was annoying as they were constantly fogging up. I had to keep wiping them on my shirt periodically.

The race course is about 4-5 miles on highways before you get into the Magic Kingdom. I was feeling good and keeping a consistent pace.

Running in the Magic Kingdom is always a highlight. I entered the park, turned the corner to see the castle… and all the feels and teary eyes. The spectators are cheering you all the way down Main Street and it is just amazing.

I made the right into Tomorrowland and then up into Fantasyland and then came another highlight. Running through the castle! As I approached, again all the feels and having to keep myself from bawling like a baby. I am really not someone that cries easily but I was having all the emotions… maybe lack of sleep was catching up with me!

Getting a good picture coming through the castle is always the hope… and I loved mine this time.

I just ran through the castle!

The course takes you through Frontierland and then back out of the park. I knew I was almost to mile 6 when I had told myself I could add more walking time to my intervals. I was also heading into another long stretch of highways with not much entertainment. I hit mile 6 and thought “I feel pretty good. I can keep my race intervals going for another mile.” I had the same thoughts about mile 7 and mile 8. When I got to mile 9, I still felt good but I decided I could relax a bit and I changed my intervals to add in some extra walking time.

I got to mile 10 and still felt good so I kept going with run / walk. I knew that there were some overpasses coming up which meant some big hills. My plan was to walk the uphills and jog the downhills. That didn’t quite work as the course was so crowded there really wasn’t space to jog. Most everyone around me was walking at that point. From the overpass, I could see the runners still to come behind me and there was no end in sight… so no balloon ladies anywhere near me. I could walk the rest and finish without a problem… huge sigh of relief.

I walked the remainder of the race and felt great. This picture was from around mile 12.5.

Almost done and feeling great!

I came into Epcot where we didn’t spend much time. Because of all the construction the course was modified through the park this year. With a quarter mile to go, a woman next to me was crying with joy and she started me a little again too. What was going on with me this race?!?!

I finished and got my Cinderella medal and then went to the challenge tent to get my extra medal for doing the 10K and Half Marathon.

Amazing medals!

It was not my fastest race ever or at Disney, but it was definitely my best. I felt great from start to finish. Mentally, I used podcasts to keep my mind engaged, just like I do on a training run. Physically, I had done all my training leading up to the race and I think I not doing the parks after the 5K and 10K helped so much.

Donna and Pam were about half a mile ahead of me and were already on the bus back to the resort when I finished. I got on a bus myself and went back to the room as well. We showered and went to the food court for a bite to eat. We had an early reservation coming up at 3:30 so we didn’t want too much.

Afterwards, we did something that I rarely do when I am at Disney. We relaxed pool side in some lounge chairs. I was tired and closed my eyes but never feel asleep.

Later on, we took a Lyft over to the Polynesian. The next part of the trip would be with a group of ladies from a Facebook group called the “Tiki Tribe.” The group was formed from listeners of a podcast called “WDW Happy Place.” My friends, Ashley and Sam, are the hosts of the podcast. The idea came up about 18 months prior to do a “ladies cruise” with women from the group and it was finally happening. The first official meet up was taking place on land with a group dinner at Ohana.

Donna, Pam and I got there early and went to the bar outside the restaurant to get the party started with one of my favorite cocktails – a Lapu Lapu. It’s strong and yummy and just what I needed after finishing all those races!

We had 12 ladies in our party and enjoyed our first meet up and dinner together. Ohana has a family style part with platters of noodles, veggies and pot stickers. Then there is steak, chicken and shrimp that is cooked on skewers and brought to the table. The server will continue to come back around with those for as much as you want. Then dessert is family style again with a bread pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Dinner was great and even though it was still early by the time we were done, we were TIRED. The next morning we would leaving for our Disney cruise, so we went back to the room to start packing up. I was so excited to get into bed with an alarm set for a reasonable time.

Disney Day #5

Today was another early morning and this time all three of us were up to get on the 3:30 am bus to the start of the 10K. It was still cold and I was grateful for the heat sheet that they were handing out at the end of the 5K the day before. I was also grateful that it wasn’t raining.

I saved my back a bit by scoring a seat at a picnic table and waiting a little bit before going to the corrals. When I got there, I was able to find a spot to sit where I could lean on the barricade. The less standing and waiting the better.

The 10K course is always the same… about 3 miles on highways and then you go into Epcot, go around World Showcase, through the International Gateway to then go around that resort area, then back into Epcot and out into the parking lot / finishing area. I always get so bored in the beginning and then when I hit Epcot, I feel like “This is so much fun!!”

The theme was Pocahontas. I didn’t pay much attention to the medal in the pictures leading up to the race. But once I received it, it was pretty awesome.

After the 10K, once we were all showered and ready, we took a Lyft to the newest Disney resort, Riviera. We were trying the new character breakfast there at Topolino’s.

The breakfast is a prix fixe menu that starts with pastries to share and then you can choose a menu item. We also had some cocktails that were amazing. Mine was a pomegranate bellini that was so good. I had a quiche for my entree which was also excellent.

There are four characters to meet at the breakfast – Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald. They are all dressed in an outfit that represents the arts. Mickey is a painter. Minnie is a writer. Daisy is a dancer and Donald is a sculptor. They were all super cute and I love any opportunity for character pictures.

We purposely planned to have no park days for this portion of the trip so we could relax after the races. Riviera is on the one of the lines of the new Skyliner transportation system. I haven’t had a chance to try that yet, so we decided to take a ride. We ended up going to the main hub at the Caribbean Beach resort and then transferring to a different Skyliner line to go to Pop Century resort.

The Skyliner has had its issues with some breakdowns in the beginning but hopefully that is in the past. It is easy and an efficient way to get between those resorts and to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

From Pop Century, we took a bus over to Disney Springs. Pam and Donna wanted to do some shopping. Since I was coming back to Walt Disney World later in the trip, I decided to find a bench to sit and people watch. I got a scoop of gelato to have a little snack as well.

Today the friendship boats were running, so we took the boat back to Riverside. Our original dinner plans were at Paddlefish at Disney Springs. However, with the half marathon the next day and our experience the night before with taking too long to get back to the room from Disney Springs, we decided to switch to Boatwrights which was right at our resort.

We had time to regroup a little in the room and then went to dinner. I had lobster bisque, bbq ribs and ice cream for dessert. The ice cream was actually my favorite part. I was pretty full by the time dessert came around so I asked if I could just get some ice cream. My two scoops of vanilla came with little cups of Mickey sprinkles, mini M&Ms and chocolate sauce.

Making the switch of restaurants was a good call as we were able to get into bed by 8:30 with a 2:15 am alarm set for half marathon morning.

Disney Day #4

And now back to my Disney trip days…

This morning was the 5K. If you have never done a Disney race, you may not know that they start EARLY. And because they need to manage 20,000+ runners, the bus transportation starts crazy early.

I like to be on the first bus because things can get crazy with traffic and confused bus drivers (thankfully that has never happened to me but I have heard stories). So that meant being outside my hotel for the first bus at 3:30 am. Donna and Pam were not doing the 5K so I was heading out solo.

As I approached the front doors, I saw the wind in the palm trees… not good. And then I saw that the ground was wet… really not good. It wasn’t supposed to rain so I was not prepared with rain gear. It was going to be interesting.

I got to the race area and started to text a friend so we could find each other. I know Gretchen from singing at Women’s Harmony Brigade each year. She came up to me at the end of last year’s Brigade and said she was doing Princess and she saw on Facebook that I like runDisney events too. We connected on Facebook and discovered that we were both doing the 5K and the half marathon this weekend. She was also doing the 5K solo so we planned to meet up and do it together.

We found each other and chatted a bit while we waited for the corrals to open up.

My least favorite part of runDisney events is waiting for the race to start. I have a bad back and the standing around for 90 minutes or more does not make it happy. Since it was morning #1, my back was ok and it was great to pass the time chatting with Gretchen. With chorus competition season starting, we had a lot to discuss. It was cold and rained on and off the entire time but we made the best of it.

I really love Disney 5Ks. It’s a fun run so its not timed which means no pressure. You see families doing it together which is awesome. It’s a great first race for anyone. The only thing that I don’t love is that the character lines on the race course have gotten pretty long. On the timed races, I don’t have enough time to stop for photos so it would be nice to stop on the 5K and I have done that in the past. But over the past few years, the lines are just too long and I don’t want to wait 20-30 minutes for a character picture…. especially this year when it was cold and wet. So Gretchen and I just moved along though the 3.1 miles.

The 5K was themed to Moana which is a favorite of mine. And I just LOVE the medal! It’s shaped like the Heart of Tafiti (check out the movie if you don’t know what that means).

Gretchen and I got our medals and parted ways to go back to our hotels. Donna, Pam and I were switching hotels to Port Orleans Riverside today so I had to shower and pack up. We had decided to try a Minnie van to get to Riverside so we could bring all our luggage with us. Yes, Disney will transport your luggage over and I have done that before. However, there is always a little anxiety when your bags have all your race gear and we just felt better doing it ourselves.

The Minnie van service is available through the Lyft app. It is more expensive than a regular lift but the drivers are Disney cast members. And since it was a mini van there was plenty of room for our luggage. The cast member was awesome and it was great experience.

We got over to Riverside and dropped our bags at bell services because the room was not ready yet. Then we took a regular Lyft to Animal Kingdom Lodge to have breakfast at Boma. My friend Ashley was joining us there for breakfast as well.

No pictures at Boma but its a wonderful buffet. Some adventurous items inspired by African cuisine but plenty typical breakfast items too. My favorites are the tater tots… because it’s always a good time for tater tots… and the French toast bread pudding with caramel pecan sauce on top. It’s a great spot for a post race breakfast.

We had the deluxe dining plan for this portion of the trip and this was the first meal that we were using it. Apparently, it hadn’t loaded incorrectly into my account and there was an issue. The manager at Boma was great and said they would charge the breakfast to my room, fix the dining plan and make the adjustment. He called over to Riverside to work on it. I got a phone call from Riverside a few hours later that everything was fixed and when I checked my Disney app, it was all good.

Ashley was switching hotel rooms too so she went to take care of that while Donna, Pam and I went to the expo so they could get their race bibs. Everything went smoothly and we did a little shopping. It was crazy to see how much of the runDisney merchandise was sold out from when I had been there the day before.

Once we were done there, our room was ready so we went back to Riverside to get settled in. We had a standard room with two queen beds. Riverside was the first resort that I ever stayed at on property many years ago and I haven’t stayed there in a very long time.

Here are some pictures of the property from our last day there (because this day it was cold, windy and overcast). Below those are pictures of our room.

We got settled in and then needed to go to Disney Springs for our dinner reservation. One of the features of Riverside that we were excited about was the little friendship boat that runs directly from Riverside to Disney Springs. Unfortunately, because of the weather, the boat was not running so we had to take the bus over.

We were eating at Maria and Enzo’s which was new to all of us. It was “Carnevale” which meant a special menu and some other activities in the dining room, like a juggler and someone making balloon animals. We all got beads when we entered and there were masks available too.

With the deluxe dining plan, each guest received an appetizer, entree and dessert plus one alcoholic beverage. PLUS the restaurant brought a platter of meatballs and another dessert item. It was a lot of food but everything was so good.

We were all doing the 10K in the morning and had planned to be in bed by 8 / 8:30 pm. We left the restaurant and went to grab a bus back to the resort. Unfortunately, we hit a snag there as we waiting over 30 minutes for a bus… in the cold and wind. I do not do well in the cold and my legs were actually shivering by the end of our wait.

For the most part, I have not had many issues with the bus system but every now and then you hit a problem. It isn’t fun but not much you can do about it. We thought about bailing on the bus and getting a Lyft but after waiting for a bit, you always think the bus has to be coming any minute so why leave the line and then wait for a Lyft.

Eventually we got on a bus and made it back to the room. It was later than we wanted but we had to just make the best of it and get ourselves ready for our early wake up the next day.

Disney Day #16

I am going to go out of order with my days. I have many trip days to still write about but I had a Disney day today so it’s easier for me to write about this one now.

The first part of my Disney day was making some Mickey waffles. I ended up having them for lunch, instead of breakfast.

I bought a bag of Golden Malted mix. Its the same stuff that they use at Disney to make their Mickey waffles. It’s easy to find on Amazon.

I have a little Mickey waffle maker that makes one waffle at a time. They aren’t exactly the same design as the ones you get in Disney and they don’t taste exactly the same either (even with the mix)…. but any Mickey shaped food is good!

In the late afternoon, my husband and I went to see Onward, the latest Disney Pixar release. My “no spoiler” brief review is that I enjoyed it. I think that younger kids may not be interested in the story line but there was nothing inappropriate. I liked the song that played over the credits and already added it to my Spotify play list.

Disney vacation days are definitely more fun than Disney days at home but it’s still good to have a little touch of Disney on a regular day.

Disney Day #3

I am back from my trip and starting to work on the blog posts for each day. It may take me awhile!

I always like to get an early start and get down to Orlando as soon as possible. I landed at around 9 am and actually met up with a few friends at the airport. We chatted for a few minutes and then headed toward the Magical Express transportation area.

The line was long!! I have always had good luck with Magical Express – and love not having to pick up my checked bags – so I guess I was due to have a wait. I waited about 25 minutes to get on a bus. Many of the people waiting were running the Princess races so there was a lot of race discussion while waiting.

Once I finally got on a bus, it was about an hour until I was dropped off at Coronado Springs. I was staying for one night in the new Gran Destino tower.

The lobby of the Gran Destino

The lobby is beautiful! I had done online check in and had received a text on my way over that my room wasn’t ready yet. I confirmed that with a cast member at the front desk and was just about to drop off my carryon bag at bell services, when I got a text that my room had just become available. Awesome! So I headed up to check in out and drop off my bag.

After checking out the room, I headed to the Magic Kingdom. I knew I would only have a few hours as I also had to go to the race expo and pick up my bibs, but that was fine. Because I had a longer transportation time, I had already missed my first Fastpass. But again, no worries. I was just happy to be there and to be warm!!

My first look at the castle for this trip. Always makes me happy…and a little teary!

I had a Fastpass for Winnie the Pooh and noticed a line that stretched out past the queue for Fastpass return. This would be a trend this trip. I actually considered bailing but luckily the line moved along and I was on the ride within 10 minutes.

Then it was time for something to eat. I looked at my mobile order options and nothing was exciting me. Then I saw that the line for Friar’s Nook wasn’t bad and decided to try their tater tot dishes.

Ok, I love tater tots in general. So I am up for any dish that has tots…add macaroni and cheese and bacon – yes please! Yes, the bowl looks huge but it was actually pretty shallow. It definitely hit the spot without being too much.

After that, I moved through Fantasyland and over to my next Fastpass at the Haunted Mansion. Again, the line for Fastpass return stretched out into the park but it did move along quickly again as well.

After that ride, I wanted to do a first for me. Yes, even after many, many visits, there are still some things I haven’t done. So I had planned to ride the Liberty Belle. It is a big boat that circles around Tom Sawyer’s Island for about a 15-20 minute ride. It leaves every half hour so I timed it out and arrived in time to board.

There was a nice breeze and it would have been a nice day to ride…. but unfortunately, it was not meant to be. As the time approached for the ride to start, there was an announcement that due to a medical emergency they needed to cancel the ride. There was no estimate of when the next ride would take place. So I had to get off…and I didn’t make it back on again this trip. There is always next time.

I was now ready for a snack. I love that Dole Whip now has mobile order. My go to is the swirl with vanilla soft serve and the pineapple Dole Whip. I ordered on my phone, walked over to the stand and picked it up. There was a significant line so it was great to bypass that for the mobile order pickup.


It was time to go to the Expo so I left the Magic Kingdom and walked over to the Contemporary (about a 10 min walk) to catch the bus. Disney provides free bus transportation to the expo from all the Disney resorts.

I don’t like to deal with the crowds at the opening of the expo so I get there in the late afternoon. When I arrived it was not busy at all. I walked right up and got my race bibs and shirts. The RunDisney shopping area also wasn’t crowded so I looked around a bit and bought my pins. I do collect Disney pins and I like to have one from each race.

With what I needed completed at the expo, I went back to Coronado to meet up with my friends who would be arriving soon. I was able to get back to the room and unpack a little (not too much since we were only there for one night). Pam and Donna arrived and we went to Three Bridges lounge for dinner.

There are no reservations available for the Three Bridges lounge but we didn’t have any difficulty getting a table. We had a Mexican corn dip to share as an appetizer and then I had the Shrimp Corn dogs with fries. And of course, a cocktail. It was all good and an awesome location on the water.

It was then time to call it a night as I had the 5K early in the morning.

Gran Destino Tower in the evening

Disney Day #2

I had planned to start my day making some real Mickey waffles. I had even purchased a package of Golden Malt waffle mix which is what they use in Disney World to make the waffles.

Unfortunately, I had to make an unscheduled stop at my doctor’s office (I am fine – it was an insurance issue that I had to handle in person), which is a 40 minute drive each way. So that took up my morning and meant no Mickey waffles today. 😦

But the real “Disney” attraction was planned for the evening.

I had been looking around for Disney activities that I could do at home and found that a local theater was doing the Broadway production of the Little Mermaid. There was only three weeks left in the run, so my husband and I decided to make it our Valentine’s day evening event.

Our first stop was Babylon Burger Bar for dinner. They have a big selection of burgers with all different toppings. Mine had goat cheese, bacon and a Cabernet sauce. They are also known for their crazy shakes so we shared their Valentine’s shake. It was a strawberry milkshake with jelly beans stuck in chocolate around the outside of the glass, whipped cream with Sweet Tart hearts and an entire piece of red velvet cake on top. So good!

Valentine’s Day Crazy Shake

The Arglye Theatre was right across the street from the restaurant. It is relatively new and their productions use Actor’s Equity performers so it was a good quality show.

The Little Mermaid ran on Broadway from January 2007 – August 2009. At that time, I wasn’t at a place in life that I could go to shows very often so I never got to see it.

This was the stage set up as we entered and ocean sounds played the whole time until the show started.

Overall, I really liked the production. I always like to hear the new songs that were included in the Broadway versions. There were a few that stuck out to me that I plan to add to my Spotify playlist. It didn’t think Under the Sea was as big of a production number as I would have liked but that may have just been this production.

The story was basically the same with some tweaks. For example, Ursula was King Triton’s sister and she had been banished by him for her bad behavior. She targeted Ariel as a way to get back at him.

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening and with that Disney Day #2 is in the books.

Coming up will be actual Disney Days in the parks and on a Disney Cruise – the way I really like to do Disney Days!

More movies…

A rainy Saturday morning was a great opportunity to watch two more movies in my journey of watching all the Disney animated movies in order of release date.

I watched Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros, neither of which I had seen before. Of course, I am familiar with the Three Caballeros as the characters and the song, but I had never watched the entire movie.

Saludos Amigos shows Disney animators traveling to South American to learn about the culture. Four shorts are created and shown throughout the movie. I always like to check out the details of a movie from IMDB. This one had some controversy about the movie’s creation as having a political background due to World War II going on at the time. My focus was on the entertainment value of the movie itself. Honestly, the biggest controversy to me was one shot of Walt Disney with a cigarette in his hand, as his smoking was always supposed to be concealed.

The movie itself was enjoyable. The little shorts were cute and did provide some information about the Latin American culture. I liked the Goofy one and the one with the little plane the best.

The Three Caballeros is actually similar to Saludos Amigos. The basic idea is that it’s Donald’s birthday and he gets a big box of gifts from Jose in Brazil. Each gift that he opens is another cartoon segment. One of them introduces Panchito who completes the Three Caballeros and their song is included there.

There was some integration of live action actors and animation in several spots of the movie. It was interesting to see that it was pretty well done considering the time period that the movie was made.

The next two movies on my list (which I have from IMDB) are “Make Mine Music” and “So Dear to My Heart.” Unfortunately they aren’t available on Disney+ so I will have to skip them. 😦 I am going to save the Adventures of Ichabod Crane for Halloween time… which will make my next movie Cinderella.

Disney Day #1

Today was the day that I finally got to begin my Disney days!

I took my niece to see Disney on Ice today. It was her Christmas gift and was a great way to start my year of Disney Days.

I splurged on the seats. I figured this was probably the only time I would see Disney on Ice and it was for her Christmas gift…. so we sat “Rinkside.” It was great. Nothing in front of us and a clear view of the entire rink. The only drawback was that we were in the middle of the rink and they focused the “center” of the action towards one end. So some of the ending positions had the characters’ backs to us. But that was a minimal issue.

The view from our seats.
Pre-show selfie

This version of Disney on Ice was called “Dream Big.” Mickey and Minnie were the hosts and introduced each segment that told a different story from popular Disney movies. To me, the theme of “dream big” was really light and it really didn’t matter. Each of the character segments included songs from that movie and, of course, skating around to the song. The music and singing were all pre-recorded and the skaters lip synced.

One thing that was surprising was the use of fire on the ice. An ensemble character during the scene would spray a fuel of some kind of the ice and there would briefly be fire on the ice. The coolest time this effect was used was for the dragon in Sleeping Beauty.

The running time for the whole show was about an hour and 45 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission. It was a good length for me, but the young people were getting restless before the intermission.

It was interesting to feel the young audience members perk up when more recent movies, like Moana or Coco, were on the ice. Frozen was by far the most engaging for the audience. It was the last movie to be depicted and it was the longest segment but it was also the most engaging for the audience. There was a lot of singing along!

Let it go – and yes, it’s snowing

This was absolutely a great way to start my 50 Disney Days journey. The whole show started with Mickey and Minnie coming out while “When You Wish Upon a Star” was playing… and I had all the emotions! 🙂

See you real soon!

The movie marathon continues…

In the past few weeks, I was able to watch two more movies on my journey to watch all the Disney animated movies in order, thanks to Disney+.

I watched Bambi and, once again, enjoyed seeing the full movie rather than the little clips that I have seen multiple times during the years. Wouldn’t it be nice if people listened to Thumper when he says “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”

I have been using an IMDB list as my guide and there are a few movies coming up that I have never seen before. I watched the first one yesterday – The Reluctant Dragon. I have seen the title before and even seen pictures of the dragon but I had no idea what it was about.

I was quite surprised to find that it is a real hidden treasure, especially for Disney fans. The premise is a gentleman has a story idea – The Reluctant Dragon – to pitch to Walt Disney to make a cartoon about. He goes to Disney Studios to find Mr. Disney and tell him the story idea. And, as I am sure would happen in real life, he is allowed onto the studio property without an appointment and will be given an opportunity to see Walt Disney.

As he makes his way around Disney Studios, he comes across all the different department areas for all the aspects that go into making an animated movie at that time. He sees demonstrations of voice recording, sound effects, animation, ink and paint and several others. In the course of his journey, you also see a storyboard for a cartoon and an Goofy short.

In the end, he gets to see Walt Disney who tells him that he has a new cartoon to show him… and it ends up being the Reluctant Dragon.

While I am familiar with the elements that went into animated movies at that time, it was very interesting to see them more in depth. Plus there are some Disney legends in there as well… Ward Kimball shows how animation is done and Clarence Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck, demonstrates how he makes Donald Duck’s voice recordings. I am sure some of the other people in the different departments are famous in Disney history as well, but these were the ones that I recognized.

I don’t know if I would really say this is an animated movie. There are a few full cartoons within it but it is more of a live action. However, I am glad that IMDB included it on its animated movie list so that I took the time to watch it.