Disney Day #10

This was our last full day of the cruise and it was a full day at sea. I love sea days!

** I have basically almost no pictures for today. Oops.

We got up leisurely as our first activity was brunch at Palo at 10:30 am. We needed a little something before that so we went to Cove Cafe for some coffee.

Cove Cafe serves specialty coffee drinks (like Starbucks). They are not included in your cruise fare so it is an extra charge.

We enjoyed our coffee and then made our way to Palo. We had a group of 12 ladies from our cruise group reserved for the brunch. We had mentioned to our server at dinner the night before that we would be returning for brunch. As I expected he might, he made sure that he was our server for the brunch. We had to divide into a table for 8 and a table for 4. He was our server at the table for 8.

The brunch works like this: You started with a buffet of “appetizer” items. There is a table of pastries and breads, a seafood table and a table of antipasto type items. For your entree, you chose from a menu. Being brunch, there are breakfast and lunch choices. Then for dessert, you return to the buffet for a dessert selection.

My favorites on the starter buffet are the brioche breads and then ALL the cheeses! For the entree, I have tried different things in the past. Today, I went with the lasagna which I have not had before. It was very good. And then for dessert, my favorites are the chocolate covered strawberries and the tiramisu.

You will not leave Palo brunch hungry. That is for sure!

After brunch, we did a little shopping. I had also made a note of when the Diaper Dash was taking place. I got a spot to watch that activity from the upper deck looking down into the atrium lobby.

The diaper dash is basically a baby race. There is a mat put down with a start and a finish and five lanes. Parents register their baby to race just before the event begins. The rules are that the baby must crawl. They cannot walk at all. You put one parent at the start and one at the finish and the baby that gets there first wins.

If there are more than five babies, they do heats. For example, on this day there were ten babies so they did two heats of five each and then the winners faced off to determine a winner.

I found a picture of the set up from a previous cruise:

Later that afternoon, we had a meet up with the ladies from the group. Ashley had shirts made for the group and we took a group photo and chatted a bit.

Unfortunately, then we had the ugly task of packing ahead of us. You need to leave your main suitcase outside your room by 10:30 pm so the staff can move all the luggage into the terminal area in the morning. We wanted to get a jump on the process before dinner.

We came back to the room to find a surprise. Another perk of Platinum level is your choice of a bottle of sparkling wine, fruit bowl or truffles. I had picked truffles and they had been delivered. And I actually have pictures!

We thought we may miss the show that evening due to packing, but we finished in plenty of time to make it. The show that night was Disney’s Believe. The story is about a dad that doesn’t “get” believing in things like Tinkerbell or magic. He is visited by the Genie from Aladdin and gets to learn about believing from other Disney characters. And, of course, he comes to believe in the end.

For dinner that night, we were at Enchanted Garden. Home to one of my favorite food items on Disney Cruise Line – the Ahi Tuna Tower. Raw Ahi Tuna with avocado and crispy noodles on top. It’s good stuff.

As I mentioned previously, we had had some issues with our dinner service staff and Disney changed us to a new team. We had missed the first night with the new team because we went to Palo dinner. So we only had tonight to spend with them.

They were obviously aware that we had been disappointed in our previous dinner experiences and went above and beyond to make sure everything was amazing. I actually think that they are probably amazing on a day to day basis. They were definitely the quality that I would expect from Disney Cruise Line and I am glad we had even just one night with them.

Since it was our last evening and we all had different departure times in the morning, a few of us went to the Cove Cafe to just hang out. We had thought they might have been serving cocktails but they still had their regular coffee menu. We were happy to just sit and chat for a bit before calling it a night.

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