Disney Day 36

This was going to be a Hollywood Studios day so my first order of business was to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance. For those who don’t know, Rise is a Star Wars attraction and it does not have a traditional queue. The only way to ride is to get a “boarding group” which is basically a virtual queue. When your group is called, you get a notification and you go to the attraction. The boarding groups are limited and challenging to get. Your first opportunity is at 7 am. And then there is a second chance at 1 pm. They are usually completely gone is less than a minute.

I had a feeling I may have a challenge getting a group at 7 am. For whatever reason, in my room the Disney wi-fi wasn’t great AND my cell phone service wasn’t great. And I was right… I was not able to get into a boarding group at the 7 am opening. Not a huge deal.. I would try again at 1 pm.

A huge plus for staying at Caribbean Beach is that it is the hub for the Skyliner. I hopped on and was over to Studios by opening and grabbed Starbucks for breakfast.

Mickey and Minnie’s Railroad was only a 20 min posted wait so I jumped right on that. I really LOVE this attraction. I then went over to see the new little movie attraction, “Vacation Fun.” It is basically a little Mickey short that uses pieces of the newer Mickey cartoons and somewhat ties in to the Mickey and Minnie’s Railroad attraction. Very cute.

I then decided to do the Muppets 3D movie. I really haven’t done it in a long time and because it rarely has a wait, I have never walked the queue. With social distancing and the limited capacity in the theater, it had a short wait and did require walking through the queue. There were so many fun little “muppet-ized” elements added to the structures in the queue.

I did a mobile order to try one of the new hotdogs at Fairfax Faire and a new cookie. The hotdog was on a pretzel roll with sauerkraut and a mustard aioli. The cookie was two shortbread cookies with homemade marshmallow in the middle. The hotdog was really good. The bun was so fresh and the toppings were perfect. The cookie was way too sweet for me…so it wasn’t bad at all but not my cup of tea.

After lunch, I went over to walk through One Man’s Dream. This is a walk through exhibit with a overview of Walt Disney’s life, the history of Disney parks and ends in a little movie about Walt Disney’s life. At the end of the walkthrough there is usually a little exhibit presenting something that is coming in the future. This time there was a model of the new Star Wars hotel that is coming next summer.

It was soon time to try for a 1 pm boarding group. I found a spot to sit so I would be ready. I had good cell service so I turned off my wifi as that seems to work best. If you are ever in Studios around 1 pm, you will hear cheers as guests score their boarding groups. Yes, I got one too!

I had a 3 pm dining reservation at Hollywood and Vine. I have never eaten there before. Typically it is a buffet with characters. Right now, similar to Crystal Palace, it is a seated meal and characters come around for socially distanced photos. Honestly, it doesn’t have the best reputation for food but I wanted to try it for myself and I like to see the characters in different outfits.

I will start with the food. First are rolls and a salad. The salad was pretty standard (I forgot a picture). The rolls were not so great. For the entrée, I chose a turkey dinner. The sides were good. The turkey was just ok. The star of the meal was the white chocolate cheesecake. It was so good!

Now for the characters. The theme is “springtime” so the characters are in spring outfits. The theme does change with the seasons. I was seated in a good spot where I could see the characters come out.

You can sort of see from the video where I was seated. I was at a table for two along side a plexiglass barrier. There space for a table for two that was purposely left empty in front of me and behind me.

Mickey was the first character that came around for pictures and he posed for me on the other side of the plexiglass like this:

Certainly doesn’t make for great pictures. But I thought “Ok, it’s still Covid guidelines so this must be what they have to do. I don’t love it but it is what it is.”

But then when the other characters came around, they all came to the end of the area I was seated in and took great pictures.

Now I really wanted a good picture of Mickey! So I waited for him to come back around. When it did, he posed again on the other side of the plexiglass. So I said “Could you come around to the end?” and motioned to where the other characters stood. And he did this:

It was super cute how he peeked around the corner and I was happy to get my Mickey photos.

As I came out of the restaurant, I caught the Mickey and friends cavalcade.

I did more rides, including Mickey and Minnie’s railroad again. And then it was time for Rise of the Resistance!

I have done Rise once before and I felt like it was so much to take in that I didn’t really know what was going on all the time. With this time, I was able to pay more attention to the story and take in more and I really enjoyed it more. This is really the best room:

By the time I was done, it was almost time for the park to close. I had picked out a sweatshirt that I liked so I made a quick stop to pick that up. The line for the Skyliner was pretty long but it moves along. I was able to get this picture of the Tower of Terror from the line.

And took a little video of the Skyliners taking off above my head.

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